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Concierge and After-Sales Service

Armoured Mobility has exceptional after-sales service for you and is there to cater to any help or information you may need regarding your Armoured vehicle. A customer of Armoured Mobility becomes an Armoured Customer for Life. We will take care of all your needs that may come up regarding your Armoured vehicle, which includes servicing. Our private service and repair centre will handle servicing of Armoured vehicles. This way you won’t have to send your vehicle into a dealership where it would be fully exposed and unprotected allowing information about you and/or your vehicle to be easily passed on.

As part of this value-added service offering, we offer a concierge service whereby we leave a Courtesy Armoured Vehicle for you to use while we have yours serviced. This also prevents you, your staff, and your vehicle from having to be in contact with unwarranted individuals.

Additionally, we are the only armouring company locally to offer a four-week check-up. Four weeks after your purchase, we will come to screen your vehicle to make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

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Warranty Details

All Armoured Mobility vehicles are fully inspected before it leaves our production facility. Since we’re committed to producing extraordinary vehicles, we are equally committed to servicing our clients with the most efficient after-sales service. We will honour any warranty-related issues you may encounter.

We warrant all armour and conversion for 2 Years on Workmanship and 5 Years on the Glass. Warranty work will be carried out after a full assessment has been done.

The manufacturer’s warranty and service plans are in most instances still valid. However, should the warranty or service plan be voided, Armoured Mobility will be able to carry out all necessary work at the client’s expense.